About Carapaz




Welcome to Carapaz, a young and innovative leather design company, situated right in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

At Carapaz we create premium leather goods, tailored to enhance your lifestyle with their long lasting quality. Over 20 years of working experience within the Swiss watch and luxury leather segment gave us the know-how that finally led us to establish the Carapaz brand, all the while maintaining our ongoing collaborations with the surrounding watch companies.

In its early days already, Carapaz revolutionised the way watches are safely stored for travel with the introduction of a watch roll, featuring a distinctive rail system to hold the watch pillows. This innovation has gained recognition among watch collectors and professionals and has been emulated by many other brands. It's now widely regarded as the optimal method for safeguarding valuable watches without the need for overly bulky watch boxes.

True to Swiss design tradition, our watch rolls have more than one function, just like the famous Swiss Army Knife. Besides the rails system and flexible watch cushions that can adapt to different wrist sizes, they offer an integrated display stand feature that lets one admire his timepieces at the best possible angle.

While our specialty lies in watch accessories, our entire range of products features wallets, catchall trays and various electronics cases, all designed for individuals who appreciate the enduring qualities of premium, handcrafted leather. 




Carapaz is more than a mere distributor of watch rolls and accessories; we are designers, deeply embedded in the industry, assimilating knowledge and inspiration which we infuse into our collection. Our primary goal is to enrich people's everyday lives with thoughtfully designed leather products. Carapaz's accessories consistently feel great to the touch, reflect quality and leaving you confident in your decision to opt for them.



To make sure every customer has an unmatched experience, we remain committed to the following principles and practises:


Located near Neuchâtel in Switzerland, our company draws inspiration from the rich watchmaking heritage that surrounds us. Enhanced by a deep knowledge of the regional watch and luxury accessories industry with a focus on smart and timeless design, we aim to preserve and honor this legacy.

Our products are proudly handcrafted in Europe, adhering to the highest Swiss and European standards, by skilled artisans who have honed their expertise over many years. We source only the finest European full grain cow leather hides, selected for their sumptuous texture and luxurious feel, guaranteeing that each piece emanates durability and enduring beauty.





We ensure that exclusivity is integrated into every step of the design process.
Simultaneously, we prioritise producing limited quantities of each design, in order to guarantee that every stitch, fold, and contour is treated with the highest level of care and attention.

Are you ready to experience the difference firsthand?