About Carapaz


Carapaz is a young and innovative leather design company and brand, based near Neuchâtel in Switzerland. 

Our company stands for a range of top quality, carefully designed products, which are unique to our brand. They are manufactured with a selection of premium quality leathers, contributing to make our designs robust and durable while offering the pleasant touch of natural leather. Combining first rate swiss design with exquisite leather and top-level craftsmanship is what makes Carapaz products stand out.



It all started with a crash, or rather with the sound of my brand new smartphone crashing on a piece of ugly, hard, black asphalt. The sound of glass breaking, plastic ripping, of technology being mistreated. 

That should never have happened, because my phone was supposedly protected by a pocket-style leather case, which was open on one side. But it did happen. That darn leather case protected very well two of the corners... only my phone had four of them. 

Of course it fell on one of the unprotected corners, a tendency also known as the "buttered toast phenomenon" : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buttered_toast_phenomenon.

It always falls on the bad side, never fails. The only way to avoid the problem is to put another slice of toast on the butter and make a buttered toast... sandwich. 

That was the end of my smartphone, and the beginning of Carapaz.



After that incident I searched the market for a safer case - out of leather still, because I love it's soft touch on my fingers - but there was none which satisfied my expectations. So I decided to create one : A fine leather case which would protect my smartphone on all four corners, easy to use, and which would provide that magic touch that makes you want to hold it all the time. 

This wasn't an easy task because of one fact: The phone has to get into the leather case somehow, and usually does so through an opening. Which means, there where the opening is there is less protection. Unless... if the opening wasn't in the same place as the needed protection, speak not at the upper border? Here was the solution: I simply created a sort of a closing lid which was stitched in a way to provide protection for the upper corners - and voilà, a fully protecting, slim leather case was born : The Milano Case. 


Meanwhile we have not only refined the Milano case, but also added a few more smartphone cases to the collection, in order to satisfy all our customer's needs. There is the Barcelona case which has a closing lid and can be used as a stand, the Monte Carlo case which can be attached to your belt, the book-style Paris case with it's hidden card compartment, and the Cannes model which is an fully leather covered hard shell case with two credit card compartments. And just to make the protection even better, we give away a free tempered glass protection with all of our iPhone cases.



With the development of the phone cases grew also other ideas, so we decided to create a small, but growing collection of various leather products. The first four items of this collection are the Siena iPad case, the Rosetta tray, the Office Organizer and the Meteor travel watch box. Each of these items has its particularities and special features, and it is well worth taking a good look at them in our shop.




Well it's simple, we want that little tortoise to grow! At the moment we are investing much time and effort into the development of new products, so that our store can grow. There are so many ideas in our heads which we would like to realize immediately, but which need time, patience, and often a fair amount of financial investment in order to be properly developed. It is a slow process, but we are patient people with a passion... and in the end there is hardly anything more satisfying than seeing a vague idea develop into a shiny new product with a little tortoise in the front! 


For english or french speaking persons, « Carapaz » is obviously a derivation from the word « carapace », which means as much as the outer hard shell of an animal, for example of a tortoise or an insect. By changing the ending of the word, we wanted to underline the softer character of the leather from which our products are made. In other words, Carapaz stands for a well protecting shell, made from a naturally tough material with a soft touch - the leather.