F.A.Q. - Carapaz




Can I exchange an item if it has scratches?
Our products are checked for scratches and other material irregularities before we package them. Normally there shouldn't be any cases of severe material defects. However, leather is a natural material which can contain scars and other irregularities, so light scratches are not considered a default. We replace items only if they show severe material defiances right after the purchase.

Can I return a purchased item?
Yes, we allow a 14-Days right to return the merchandise. However it is important to contact us first via phone or e-mail (0041 32 5355162 or info@carapaz.com) and if possible tell us the reason for the return. Please note also that we retain a 10 CHF fee (for administration work, banking fees, transaction fees, etc.), and that the merchandise needs to be returned in mint condition in order to fully refund you. Return costs are at the charge of the client.

Who designs Carapaz products?
All of our products are entirely designed by our design team at Carapaz SA in Switzerland, and the products are unique to our brand.

Where are Carapaz products made?
Our products are hand made by an affiliated high-quality leather manufacturing company in Istanbul.

Are Carapaz products only sold on internet?
At the moment yes, although we will try to sell our products also through physical shops in the future.

What happens if the leather gets wet?
The items we sell won't be harmed by a little bit of splashed water, but you should avoid soaking them in any liquid. In particular, the vegetal tanned leather can retract and harden after having been wet. It should not be exposed to excessive heat as well, as it can harden and crack.

Have any wild animals been harmed in order to produce our leather?
No. Our leather is a secondary product coming from cows that have been used for meat production, and no animal has been killed only in order to produce the leather. Also, we do not use any leather coming from wild animals in general, nor protected or endangered species.

Have there any children or minors been working on Carapaz products?
No. We are checking regularly on our manufacturing company in order to be aware of the employees' working conditions. No children or minors are employed.

Can leather cause allergic reactions?
If someone is allergic to Chromium salt (chromates), yes. However, some of our products are made from semi-vegetable leathers which have been mainly tanned with vegetal essences, and therefore largely reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

Do I have to pay taxes if I order from outside of Switzerland? 
This depends largely on your own country's tax regulations, and we advise everybody to check on them before the purchase. For European countries the VAT and a handling fee can be asked, while for the U.S. the tax-free import limit is much higher, currently 800 USD.