Innovation & Design

Design Philosophy

As a young and modern company, we believe at Carapaz that innovation and the constant search for new solutions are things we owe to our customers. In today's fast changing markets it is not enough anymore to invent something and then sit on it for a few years.

For the same reason we are not only developing new products, but we are also constantly trying to improve the ones we have designed already. For us, design doesn't just mean creating something new, it also means making a good product even better.

In order to assure that Carapaz products are of the highest standards, our designers are working closely together with the leather specialists in the manufacturing companies.



First, because our company is located near Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Second, because our products are entirely thought out and designed in Switzerland. Third, because we are proud to continue an old swiss tradition: The conception of innovative, high quality products!