Premium Swiss-designed 8-watch box for luxurious storage and elegant presentation

Showcases watches at a 45° angle for optimal viewing

Crafted from high-quality, ultra-smooth natural leather for a sleek look

Slide-in system effortlessly holds watches in place

Soft fabric covering every inch inside protects your watches from unwanted scratches

Features a secure closure with 5 press buttons for added safety

Includes standard flexible cushions for wrist sizes from 16-21cm (6.3" - 8.25")

Smaller cushions are available for tailored comfort (see SPECIFICATIONS)

Provided with a durable gift box and protective pouch for secure transportation and added convenience.



With its exceptional design, this elegant 8-watch case, crafted from smooth full grain leather, is specifically tailored for watch collectors and professionals requiring a portable, compact multi-watch box for presentations.

Featuring the same secure slide-in mechanism found in all Carapaz watch cases, it not only prevents watches from shifting but also enables easy handling of the cushions.

For an optimal display, the watches are positioned at a 45° angle on the pillows, ensuring excellent visibility while maintaining a relatively compact size for the box.

To facilitate the presentation of the watches, a detachable presentation pad is included on the inside of the lid, allowing for versatile positioning.

All of our travel watch rolls are expertly designed by Carapaz in Switzerland, adhering to the highest quality standards, ensuring superior protection for the timepieces they hold.



Color: Smooth brown leather with tan lining and stitching

Accommodates watches with a thickness of up to approximately 20mm and a width including the crown of up to 58mm

Watch roll dimensions (excluding gift box): 30.5 x 22.5 x 9.7 cm (12.0" x 8.85" x 3.82")

Net weight (excluding gift box): 1.100 kg (2.4 lbs)

The included regular cushions are adaptable to a range of bracelet sizes, approximately 16-21cm (6.3" - 8.25”)

Customized smaller cushions are available on request, specifically tailored for men and women with wrist sizes ranging from 14-17cm (5.5" - 6.7"). These can also be purchased individually, alongside the regular cushions, here: Small Watch Cushions.

Additional regular-sized cushions can be purchased separately here: Regular Size Cushions



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