We sell items with imperfections at a reduced price

Want to pay up to 30% less but don't mind some imperfections?

Our products are made from natural full grain leather, which is not always uniform across the surface. It can happen that there are scars, wrinkles, changes in color, small cavities, etc.

To some extent these irregularities are a natural part of our leather products, but if we consider that they are more than the usual minor imperfections, we offer the item at a reduced price. 

Our products are hand made, so they are not always exactly the same from one item to another. It is possible that an item has a small glue stain, misalignment, or a microscopic cut in the leather surface. These items, too, we offer at a reduced price.

However, we make sure that all of these imperfections are purely esthetical and do not, by any means, reduce the functionality of the article.

If you don't mind some minor esthetical imperfections, please have a look at the list of items we offer at a reduced price. We'll be happy to send you additional photos of the actual products and the imperfections.