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A unique Carapaz swiss design, this smart tablet case for iPad Air 9.7''/ iPad Pro 9.7'' is unique to our brand. It is a little genius: A well padded pocket style leather case, offering excellent protection on all sides, and featuring a foldable cover part that has a second function: it serves as a stand.
For this the cover part can be folded and blocked by a small stopping lid, providing support for the tablet that is inserted between the folded cover and the stopping lid. This allows your iPad  to be used in both, horizontal and vertical position - perfect for surfing the internet, or watching movies in an airplane or train.
Need to write an e-mail or edit some text? No problem: The folded cover part allows the top-end of the tablet to rest on it, providing for a less inclined position which can be used for typing. 

    • Padded leather case for iPad Air 9.7'' / iPad Pro 9.7''
    • Can be used as a stand for your iPad in 2 inclinations
    • Can be used vertically or horizontally
    • Offers very good protection
    • Inside lining in soft microfiber
    • Unique Swiss design from Carapaz